CFP: the Mythological Dimensions of Doctor Who

The Ambassadors of Geekdom:
Doctor Who
In 2010, Kitsune Books published the first volume of the Mythological Dimensions series, The Mythological Dimensions of Doctor Who. This was soon followed by the award winning The Mythological Dimensions of Neil Gaiman. We were to continue with the Mythological Dimensions series covering other areas of interest, however, in December 2012 Kitsune Books closed due to unforseen circumstances.

SealOfRassilon2000bThe first two volumes of the Mythological Dimensions series have since been republished with Myth Ink Books. Myth Ink Books is now launching a new series of books covering similar topics. We are seeking to continue examining the Doctor Who Universe celebrating not only the classic series and the 50th Anniversary but the era of the 11th Doctor, portrayed by Matt Smith. We would like to stress that this volume will be geared for a non-academic audience. That was the core spirit of the Mythological Dimensions, and shall be for Ambassadors of Geekdom.We want to emphasize this in future volumes in the series: well-written, well-sourced, approachable essays by fans for fans.

We have two primary topics we wish to publish contributions on, however The Ambassadors of Geekdom will be a series that examines the question: How do you celebrate your fandom? This volume will ask how do you celebrate your fandom of Doctor Who?


This book is not limited to the below topics, if you have an idea, propose it to us: 

How has 50 years of Doctor Who influenced and inspired the writers, production, and actors of the current Matt Smith Era? We are seeking essays focused upon aspects of filming, production, costumes, monsters, writing, etc. that have kept the show unique and creative for 50 years.

Additionally a prelude to the 50th Anniversary story was released featuring Paul McGann back on the screen for the first time since the ’96 movie.  The Night of the Doctor gave us some answers & left some things unanswered. However, for fans of the 8th Doctor, this was a very special treat.  We would like to incorporate your thoughts on The Night of the Doctor, the implications it has on canon, theories, & analyses.  Does the return of the 8th Doctor & his story have lasting effects on the future of Doctor Who? This topic can include the subsequent 50th Anniversary story, The Day of the Doctor.


We seek essays that tell us how you, the fan, celebrate Doctor Who in your life. Did you create a community for fans? i.e. a club that meets regularly? Organize a convention? Are you the host of a podcast? Do you have a specific angle discussing Doctor Who on your show? Are you a cosplayer? Do you create Doctor Who costumes and/or props? Do you wear/use them in everyday life or just at Doctor Who events?

Contributors may draw upon any medium Doctor Who has appeared in, whether television, radio dramas, novel, comic books, cartoons or others.

We seek well-written essays, 1500 to 5000 words per contribution.
All submissions should be submitted via a Microsoft Word Document.

Submit your essay topic BY  
JANUARY 31st 2014 to:
Anthony Burdge via

We will review all topics submitted and contact contributors upon acceptance.
If your essay is accepted for publication, your  FINAL ESSAY WILL BE DUE ON OR BEFORE APRIL 30th 2014  since a SUMMER 2014 release is planned.

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