CFP: Critical and Creative Work- Special Issue on Aging and Gender

*Extended* – Call for Critical and Creative Work – Special Issue on Aging and Gender: ‘The Great Age’ Issue

Deadline for Submissions: March 1, 2014

This is an extension to our previous call for papers for a Special Issue in Aging and Gender.
For this issue – now the Great Age Issue – We are looking for critical articles and creative work including fiction, poetry, photography and art.

We seek work that examines and re-imagines the way we view women growing older and/or depict the way societal expectations of gender roles impact how we age. Keeping in mind the feminist thrust of the journal, we seek submissions that engage with our mission to examine and critique the relationship of gender to ideologies of aging in contemporary society or to re-imagine the future of aging primarily for women, but also for men within a gendered perspective.

Alongside traditional articles, we invite work between genres as well: coverage of conferences, personal essays, non-fiction, media critiques, analyses of popular culture, transcripts from dialogues on relevant topics, interviews with authors, art and photography, and work by or about girls of any age. Submit your work for consideration directly to the Editor of this Special Issue at

Note: Because Femspec is a fully independent journal funded by subscriptions rather than institutional support, subscription is required on submission. To subscribe, please click here:  

For general submissions and other questions, write to us at

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