SFF Area Schedule for Chicago PCA, 2014

Updated 17 April 2014

Wed Apr 16 Room – Scottsdale (All Day)

9:45-11:15 am

Fake Fan Girl: Open Session about the Genderization of Science Fiction Fantasy Fans Why should female fans have to defend their presence at conventions and in science fiction and fantasy as a whole? Who is a ‘real’ fan? Who is a ‘real’ Geek?  How is fandom impacted by the gender roles assigned by some in the Science Fiction Fantasy world? This open session offers an opportunity to discuss the phenomenon of “Fake Fan Girl,” its origins, manifestations and consequences to the world of Science Fiction Fantasy. All are welcome!

11:30 am – 1pm

Hunger Games Mollie Cain An Examination of the Regeneration from Novel to Cinema in Susan Collins’ The Hunger Games Andrew Pratt The Shape of Hunger: The Hunger Games and Expectations on Women’s Bodies Whitney Crosby Oppression Hidden in Hunger Games Film Adaptation

1:15-2:45 pm

Postmodern, Posthuman: The Intersection of Gender and the Simulcra in Science Fictional Universes

Natalie Monzyk

The Simulcrum of Gender in Superhero Narratives

Bambi Whitaker

Doctor Who & The TARDIS as the Ultimate Cyborg

Erik Renth

The Cyborg as Posthuman: Gender, Sex and Asexuality

Kristina Oldham Sleeping Beauty in the 22nd Century: Identity and the Simulcra in Karen Healey’s When We Wake

3-4:30 pm

Steampunk and Visual Culture

James Wurtz

From Nautilus to Albion Reach: Steampunk as Historiographic Metafiction in Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Catie Spicer

Steampunk and Visual Culture

Samuel Franklin

Steampunk and Visual Culture

Katharine Harris

‘Clockwork Always Rings Alarm Bells’: The Power of Implausible Technologies in Contemporary Steampunk

4:45-6:15 pm

Moved to Saturday at 9:45 am.

Star Trek as a Mirror of American Culture

Benjamin Winterhalter The Tongue-in-Cheek Hero and the Self-Aware Chauvinist: Narratives of Maculinity in JJ Abrams’ Star Trek Films Tess Wise Star Trek and the Post-Ideological Society Andrea Whitacre “The Dreamer and the Dream”: Dystopia and the Latent Present in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine


Television is Good for the Soul: Theorizing Humanity on the WB and CW Networks

Heba Esherief

Television is Good for the Soul: Theorizing Humanity on the WB and CW Networks

Michelle Maloney-Mangold

Souls with Off-Switches and Monsters with Feelings: Deconstructing the Human-Monster Dichotomy on the WB/CW

Katharine Ormsby

Team Free Will: Miltonic Appropriations in Supernatural

Thurs Apr 17 Room – Lincolnshire 2 (All Day)

8 -9:30 am

Publishing Science Fiction and Fantasy Scholarship with McFarland

Donald Palumbo from McFarland Publishers

9:45-11:15 am


Thomas Parham

Superman’s 75th Anniversary: The Man of Steel’s Enduring Appeal

Rikk Mulligan

Terraforming: Global Threat and the Man of Steel

Carolin Bottcher “Kal? That is my Name?”- Questions of Identity in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel

Paul Elliot

When Superman Kills on American Soil: Man of Steel and the State of Exception

11:30 am -1pm

Adaptation and Remakes

Roy Sheldon

Novel to Film: Three Perspectives on Frankenstein, Dracula & Katniss

Michael Turner

Clash of Ideologies: A Look at the Original and the Remake of “Clash of the Titans”

Lynette Porter

Khan Games: Benedict Cumberbatch and Star Trek: Into Darkness

Jon Naveh

Lost in Translation: Science-Fiction as International Art Cinema and the Problem of the American Remake

1:15-2:45 pm

SF/F Pizza Party New to the PCA? To Science Fiction Fantasy? Come join us at lunch to talk about career, academia, area, and to network!

3-4:30 pm


Anca Rosu

Apocalypse 2.0: Cyberpunk and Post-Apocalyptic Fiction in Hugh Howey’s Wool

David Perkins

After the End Times: The Windup Girl and Post-Apocalyptic Capitalism

Jeanne Cortiel

Global Catastrophic Risk and Technological Apocalypse: American Science Fiction Film Since 2002

Tony Braden Johnson

Mars Attack! Again: Shifting Paradigms of an Alien Apocalypse

7th Floor Salon 2

4:30-8pm Ray and Pat Browne Lecture

Barbara Eden 4:45-5:45 Interview and Q&A 6-8pm Signing and Reception images

Fri Apr 18 Room: Lincolnshire 2

8-9:30 am

Design, Media and Fan Culture

Lynda Hyde

Popular Media, Distraction, and Depression: An Ongoing Cycle

Gregory Delapaix

Roles of Music in the Inceptive Regimes of Science Fiction Television

James Malazita

To Boldly Be: the Reality of Science Fiction and its Role in the Design Community

Room: Lincolnshire 2

9:45-11:15 am

Time Travel

Michael Cornelius

Configurations of Time and Space in Dr Who and Science Fiction Television

Ian Wolf

Zombies and Tulips: Predestination and Time Travel

Heather Porter

No Fate or is There? Comparing Opposing Concepts of Time Travel in JJ Abrams’ Lost and Tim Kring’s Heroes

Steven Gil

“All I Need is a Good Time-Travel Adventure, and I’ve Scored the SG-1 Trifecta”: Journeys Through the Fourth Dimension in Stargate SG-1

Lincolnshire 1

9:45-11:15 am


Scott Dexter

Technologies of Gender in Asimov’s The Caves of Steel

Sherry Ginn

Examining the Psychology of Aeryn Sun: “The Pin-Up Girl for Frontal Assault”

Cynthia Harris

Not Just Another Pretty Faces: Female Roles and the Liminal State in Modern Science Fiction

Justin Hampton

Robert Jordan’s Women: the Construction of Female Identity in Masculine Spaces

Lincolnshire 2

11:30 am- 1pm

Doctor Who One

Emily Capettini

In Defense of Screaming Women: Second Wave Feminism and Doctor Who’s Monster-Era Companions

Pamela Achenbach The Doctor-Donna Metacrisis: Science and Literature United in Doctor Who

Zara Wilkinson

“Are you my Mummy?” Mothering Monsters and the Contradictions of Motherhood in Doctor Who

Angela Rovak

The Pregnant Pond: The Representation of Gestation and Reproductive Technologies in Doctor Who’s Series Six

Lincolnshire 1

11:30 am- 1pm

Gender, Power and Heroism

Kassandra Tramel

Sworn Brothers and Masculine Intimacy: A Return to Classical Homosociality within Modern Speculative Fiction

Sarah Gawronski

Hero + Villain= Anti-hero Redefining the Science Fiction Fantasy TV Anti-hero

Victoria Willis

Avrah KaDabra and Hoc Est Corpus: Agency and the Rhetoric of Magic in Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Tyler Bartlett

Bitten by the White Wolf: Heroism and the Monstrosity in Andrej Sapkowski’s The Witcher Series

Lincolnshire 2

1:15-2:45 pm

Doctor Who Two

Gillian Leitch

Doctor Who: 50+ Years of Time Travel in a Little Blue Box

Elizabeth Thomas

Sci-fi and Social Media Part 2: DrWho Tube

Heather McHale

Colonial Ambition and Doctor Who April Toadvine Collecting the Doctor: Consuming Doctor Who

Lincolnshire 1

1:15-2:45 pm


Kathryn Hendrickson

Missing Utopia: Narratives of Science and History in The Calcutta Chromosome

Thomas Chiodini

Real (?) New World: An Application of Lacan’s “Three Orders” and Baudrillard’s Theory of Hyperreality to Aldus Huxley’s Brave New World

Deke Parsons

JRR Tolkien, Robert E Howard and the 1930s Birth of Modern Fantasy

James Pfundstein

Empire, Schempire: Politics in Fantasy

Lincolnshire 2

3-4 pm

Doctor Who Three

Erec Smith

Doctors Waiting to Happen: A “Whovian” Take on Interpellation and Identity

Jennifer Radonis

“What’s Past is Prologue”: Constructing a Romance Metahistory in Doctor Who

Jessica Brown

Songs of Captivity and Freedom: Voice and Identity in Doctor Who’s “Planet of the Ood”

Mara Katz

The UNIT “Dating” Crisis: How Terms of Address and Reference Index Inter-Character Status and Solidarity in Doctor Who’s UNIT Era

Lincolnshire 1

3-4 pm


Stan Hunter Kranc

Lost in Siberia, or When Reality Television Goes Really Wrong

Dagmar Van Engen

Proto-Afrofuturisms: Black Speculative Imaginations in Los Angeles’ Aquarian Bookstore

A Bowdion Van Riper

One Earth: Space Travel, Internationalism, and the “Rocketman” TV Series of the 1950s

Brandon Kempner

From Howard to Vance to Martin: Textual Strategies in American Fantasy

Lincolnshire 1

4:45-6:15 pm


Leanne Foster

Society’s Influence on the Construction of Identity and Community in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? And “Deletion”

Yvonne Leach

Orphan Black’s Exploration of Identity Enhanced by Nuances of Performance and Cinematographic Technique

Ryan Cox

User Interface: Dualism, Cyberization and the Performance of Identity in “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex”

Lincolnshire 2

4:45-6:15 pm

The Name of the Doctor

Stephanie Mabry Greg Yep Conrad Fassig Emma Prendergast

Lincolnshire 2



Erica Ruscio

Disturbing the Universe: A Dystopian Reading of Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time

Christine Pollard

Dystopia on a Patriotic Cloud: Racial and Religious Persecution in Bioshock Infinite

Danielle Carner

The Flaws from Living on Cloud Nine: Diversity in Dystopia and Conformity in Utopia in Elysium and Bioshock’s Narrative

Paul Sherwood-Berndt

I’ll Take Dystopia Please: Technological Dystopia in WALL-E, the Lorax and Oblivion

Lincolnshire 1



Heather Urbanski

Narratology of Franchises

Christopher Cerimele

Selling Superficiality: The Disneyfication of Bloom’s Taxonomy and Science Fiction Narratives

Laura Osur

Defiance: An Experiment in Transmedia Storytelling

Courtney Neal

Expect the Unexpected: Inverting Character and Narrative in Once Upon a Time

Lincolnshire 2

8:15-9:45 pm

God and Goodness

Winter Elliot Where have all the Good Dragons Gone? Monsters in Urban Fantasy

Brent Gibson

“I’m Just a Killer to the Core”: Misspeaking about Love, Goodness and Innocence in Ender’s Game

Marzieh Kameli

Re-Conceptualized God in the Sparrow

Sat Apr 19

Moved From Wed: 9:45

Star Trek as a Mirror of American Culture

Benjamin Winterhalter

The Tongue-in-Cheek Hero and the Self-Aware Chauvinist: Narratives of Maculinity in JJ Abrams’ Star Trek Films

Tess Wise

Star Trek and the Post-Ideological Society

Andrea Whitacre

“The Dreamer and the Dream”: Dystopia and the Latent Present in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Lincolnshire 2 (All Day)

8-9:30 am


Anna Risher

Monster Love: the Fantasy Heroine and the Posthuman Ideal

Isabel Huertas

From Man to Robot: Is There a Possibility?

William Rodriguez

Cyborgs, Androids and Robots: Technology and the Evolution of Humanity  

9:45-11:15 am

Pot-Pourri One (Language, Genre and Pedagogy)

Jamie Dessart

A Wizard in Chicago: Defining Urban Fantasy Through Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden

Saif Raza

Encouraging Divergent Thinking Through Ender’s Game, Wall-E, and Avatar

Nicholas Shahbazi Literary Theory and the Merits of Using Science Fiction

11:30 am – 1pm

Pot-Pourri Three (NeoLiberalism, Madness, Apocalypse and Liminality)

Richard Schreiber

Take me Down to the Paradise City: the Subtle Rise of Neoliberalism in Science Fiction

Audrey DeLong

Crossing the Bar: Liminality, Hybridity and the Politics of the Post Human in Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium

Justin Hadwin Turn on, Plug in, Drift out: The Struggle of the Body Against Apocalypse in Neon Genesis Evangelion and Pacific Rim

Cayla Cullifer Unconscious(ly) Re(mind)ing Me: Epistemology and Psychoanalysis in the Video Game Alice: Madness Returns Nicholas Limon Eschatology in Popular Culture

1:15-2:45 pm

Pot-Pourri Two (Tropes, Time Travel and Hypertextuality)

Marilyn Stern

Enter/Exit the Witch?

Katerina Symes

Speculating on Beyonds: Dr Manhattan and Challenges to the Limits of Space-Time

Ellen Stengel

“All These Technologies Are So Exhausting”: Metatextuality, Hypotextuality, and Hypertextuality in Two Post-Modern Adult Fantasy Series [Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire, and Once Upon a Time]


Society and Social Issues

Katherine Elder

Propaganda for Kids? Examining Depictions of Propaganda in “Harry Potter” and “The Hunger Games”

Deborah Burns and David R Burns

Education and Anti-Consumerism in Jim Henson’s Labyrinth

4:45-6:15 pm

Society and Social Issues

Aaron Gulyas

A Two-Way Funhouse Mirror: The Paranormal and the Paranoid in 1990s Science Fiction Media

Heather Human

Domestic Violence Through a Science Fiction Lens: Octavia Butler’s Seed to Harvest

Derek Sweet

The Clone Wars in the Public Square: Obama, Obi-Wan and the Contradictions of Fighting a Just War

Lora Barger Losing the Cross: Decline of Catholic Dogma in American Movies


Business Meeting

Everyone is welcome to share their year’s successes, suggestions, and the annual paper prizes! 8:15-10pm Movie Night untitled At the end of every conference the SFF area hosts a movie night.  This year’s feature is “The Beginning of the End” starring Peter Graves, Peggie Castle and Morris Ankrum.  (1957) An attractive reporter investigating the mysterious destruction of an Illinois town stumbles upon a secret government laboratory conducting radiation experiments on vegetables. The lead scientist on the project is eager to help find out what happened. Together they discover that giant grasshoppers are behind the devastation.  Worse yet, thousands of them are headed towards Chicago!  Can they be stopped… or is this the Beginning of the End? Come join us for the movie and stay for the raffle prizes!    

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