Deadline Approaching

Don’t forget that the deadline for PCA this year is much earlier than in previous years.  October 1st!

Please submit before that time.  Also please note that if you have not heard from the Chairs of your area within a week then there might be problem – email them to make sure everything is working properly if that week has elapsed in silence!

Next year has two special sessions:

Star Trek

Because 2016 marks the 50th Anniversary of the airing of Star Trek (Original series) we are encouraging those who are interested, to propose papers about Star Trek, its history, its universe, and everything in-between. Papers about aspects of the original series are particularly encouraged.

The Romance of Science Fiction Fantasy or A Little Sci-Fi Fantasy in your Romance

The Areas of Science Fiction/Fantasy and Romance will be holding a special joint session which will highlight the combination of the genres of Science Fiction/Fantasy with Romance.  How has the intersection of these two popular genres opened up new possibilities in conceptualizing gender, desire, sexuality, love, courtship, or relationship structure?  How has their intersection allowed us to see existing concepts of these more vividly, freshly, or critically?  How have authors, filmmakers, producers, and fans played these genres against one another, for example by using romance to critique traditions in SF/F, or SF/F to critique the tropes of romance? We welcome proposals which discuss this, including steampunk, paranormal, fan-fic/ slash, science-fiction, and fantasy, in literature, film or television (eg. Kate Douglas, Meljean Brook, JD Robb (Nora Roberts), Alexis Hall’s Prosperity Universe, Game of Thrones, Outlander, Ever After, Her, Lost Girl, etc.)

Submit here! .

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