And soon the conference!

Wizard of Oz
“Off to the Emerald City!”

Greetings PCA/ACA Conference Attendees!

We hope you’re packing your bags and getting ready for the trip to Seattle.  It’s going to be great!

Conference Tips: 

Here are a few reminders for the successful delivery of your research and scholarship presentations:
  • Bring the appropriate VGA adapter for your laptop (the standard VGA cable, a standard 3.5 mm Audio cable and speakers are provided in the presentation room). We’re told the projectors DO have HDMI capability, but you will need your own HDMI cables.
  • We will have wifi available, but we recommend downloading videos or other materials to your personal machine if possible.
  • Arrive to your presentation room 10-15 minutes prior to your panel’s start time to setup/check your laptop and meet your Session Chair.
  • Monitor your time closely. Running more than a couple of minutes over will hamper scheduling (most panels have 4 presenters).

Key Links:
Here are a few links and reminders for you to use as you prepare:

The conference program is available at the program submission site here:

Election Results
I’m pleased to announce the results of the PCA/ACA Governing Board election.  Michael Johnson Jr has been elected as Vice President of Diversity, Outreach, and Inclusion, and Sam Grogg has been elected to serve as a trustee of the Governing Board.  If you see them at the conference, do say hello.
Thanks to everyone who participated in the process, especially to those who submitted materials to the nominating committee.
Other news on the way soon!
We also have a PCA/ACA Conference Program App, available as a downloadable “standalone” app for iOS and Android devices, as well as a Desktop app for other mobile platforms. Our technicians are working to correct one last bug in the iOS version, but as soon as it’s ready, we will let you know.
Safe Travels!  We can’t wait to see you next week.
Joseph Hancock
Executive Director of Events
Brendan Riley
Executive Director of Operations
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