PCA Deadline Reminder – October 1

PCA Deadline Reminder – October 1

1903 world series poster

On October 1, 1903, the Boston Americans play the Pittsburgh Pirates in the first game of the modern world series.

October 1, 1931, Spain adopts women’s suffrage.
In 1962, Johnny Carson broadcasts his first episode of The Tonight Show. 1971 – Walt Disney World opens. 1989, Denmark introduces the first legal same-sex civil union. In 2013, Tom Clancy passes away.
October 1 has another momentous meaning: It’s the deadline for your proposals to PCA/ACA 2017. Head over to our site right now to submit your abstract proposal for the PCA/ACA 2017 National Conference in San Diego, CA from April 12-15th.
Submit your abstract by October 1!

In this update:
1. Our new submission system
2. Travel Grants
3. Additional information about the conference

1. Our new submission site

We’re using a different, more reliable submission site this year. Please head over and check it out at: conference.pcaaca.org

If you have any trouble, drop a line to web@pcaaca.org and we’ll help you out.

2. Travel Grants

Every year, the PCA/ACA Endowment is proud to offer financial aid for people traveling to present at our conference. These competitive grants provide both a financial boost to travelers from around the globe, but they also make a nice award entry on your CV.

We have travel grants for graduate students, early-career faculty, international faculty, and new this year, grants for faculty from 2-year colleges.
The Endowment also offers grants to individuals for work at remote collections and for collection building at institutions.
Applications are Due December 1st. Visit our grants page to learn more:
3. More information about the conference

As conference season starts up, be sure to keep an eye on our conference page, over at:


4. Your Leadership Team

Over the course of the year, this newsletter will introduce members of your leadership team at the PCA. Here are some of the officers who lead the organization.

Diane Calhoun-French

Lynn Bartholome

Gary Edgerton
Board Chair

If you have questions about the conference, Contact us!

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