Wm M Jones Award for Best Graduate Paper

Announcing:  The William M. Jones Award for 
the Best Graduate Student Paper Presented at 
the 2017 Annual Meeting of 
the American Culture Association
The editor of The Journal of American Culture invites submissions for the award for the William M. Jones Best Graduate Student Paper in American Culture Studies presented at the annual meeting of the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association.  Papers must be submitted by January 20, 2017.
Papers should be submitted in a form suitable for publication even if they will be presented in an abbreviated version.  Papers should address American culture and be accepted for a PCA/ACA panel.
Please submit your paper, along with a copy of your panel acceptance and student identification card to jac@vwc.edu. Those concerned for their privacy may obscure the Social Security number should it appear on the card.  Paper copies are also accepted at the address below.
The winning paper must be presented at the 2017 PCA/ACA Meeting in San Diego, CA., where the award and a $500 travel stipend will be presented.  Should the winning paper not be presented in person, the award will be forfeited. We also invite the winning author to submit the essay to The Journal of American Culture and work with the editor toward its publication.
The Journal of Popular Culture is offering a similar award.  For more information on this, please contact its editor, Dr. Ann E. Larabee (tjpc@msu.edu).  In any event, please do not submit the same essay to both publications.
Please submit your entry to Amy Dudley, Editorial Assistant, William M. Jones Graduate Student Paper Award Selection Committee, The Journal of American Culture, Virginia Wesleyan College, 1584 Wesleyan Drive, Norfolk, VA 23502. ( jac@vwc.edu )
Dr. Kathy Merlock Jackson
Editor, The Journal of American Culture
Questions: Contact us!
Popular Culture Association
American Culture Association
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