CFP: A Celebration of Slashers

Call for Discussion Topics and Panel Proposals:

A Celebration of Slashers
DePaul University
Now accepting submissions and ideas for the sixth annual Pop Culture Colloquium at DePaul University
in Chicago! DePaul University’s College of Communication is hosting a one-day celebratory colloquium
in honor of the Slasher genre on Saturday, April 28, from 9am-6pm. More details can be found at
This event will feature roundtable discussions from scholars and fans of slasher films (topics do not have
to focus on Halloween), including the Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and other franchises,
films, television series, video games, graphic novels, or et al. Our keynote speaker is Rachel Talalay,
director of Nightmare on Elm Street 5 as well as multiple television series (Doctor Who, Sherlock,
Riverdale, Flash, Supernatural, Reign…the list goes on.)
Participants may propose panels and topics about a broad array of ideas related to the genre and its
cultural impact. The Pop Culture Conference does not feature formal paper presentations, but speakers are
invited to have roundtable discussions themed around these topics. The audience for this event is both
graduate and undergraduate students, both fans and scholars.
If you’re interested in speaking on a roundtable, or want to propose a panel with 3-5 people, or have ideas
for other events/lectures, please send a 300 word abstract that proposes a significant topic of
discussion and a CV/resume to Pop Culture Conference ( by Jan
15, 2018. Please aim your abstracts for a more general audience and for a discussion rather than
traditional scholarly paper presentation. We will also have the opportunity to publish a longer version of
your talk in an update to our Time Lords and Tribbles book.
Potential topics include (but are not limited to):
– Slashers and gender
– Slashers and race
– Narrative and genre theories of slashers
– Changes in the horror genre
– Slasher/horror fandom
– The impact of particular directors, writers, or actors on the genre
– Teaching horror/slashers
– Adaptation within the slasher canon
– Case studies of slasher films
– What counts as a slasher?
For more information, please check out, and sign up for updates on Facebook
(search “A Celebration of Slashers”). We hope that you will be able to join in the discussion and
A Celebration of Slashers
(DePaul University, April 28, 2018)

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