Paper Awards

Every year the SFF Area of the Popular Culture Association awards a Student and a Faculty award for best paper at the National Conference.

SF/F Area Paper Awards

To create two distinct awards for the area: one for Best Paper (Faculty or Independent Scholar) and one for Best Paper (Student.)

ELIGIBILITY: All individuals who have abstracts accepted by the Area Chairs by February 1 are eligible to submit their papers in competition for the prize. For the Student Award, individuals must currently be enrolled as a student in a Community College, University or equivalent post-secondary institution to be eligible.

Members of the judging panels are not eligible for the individual awards they are judging. The Area Chairs are not eligible for the awards during their tenure in office.

RULES: All individuals wishing to submit a paper for consideration must send their full complete papers to the area chair no later than February 15. No papers will be accepted after that date for award consideration.

  • Papers must be e-mailed as a .doc or .rtf file to the Area Chairs [ ].
  • All identifying information should be removed from the paper itself. Instead, the applicant must place his/her name, full contact information, and title of paper in the body of the e-mail when submitting the paper.
  • Papers cannot be longer than 15 pages, double spaced, 12 pt, Times New Roman

PRIZES: The prizes will be awarded during the area business meeting, usually held prior to the movie presentation on Saturday night. The Best Paper (Faculty or Independent Scholar) Award will consist of a certificate and trophy. The Best Paper (Student) will receive, in addition to certificate and trophy, a cash award as determined by the Area Chairs.

PROCESS: The Area Chairs will appoint two judging panels of three individuals each to judge each award. These panels must consist of members in good standing in the area, as determined by the Area Chair. Judges will not be eligible for the Award upon which committee they are asked to sit. Students in good standing in the area may act as judges, though it is advised that judging panels not consist solely of graduate students. Undergraduate students may not act as judges.

Once the February 15 deadline has passed, the Area Chairs will collect all papers in a .doc or .rtf file and send this file to the appropriate judging committee members. One member of the three judges will be selected by the Area Chair as the Head Judge. It will be that person’s job to coordinate responses from the other judges and tally the results for the Area Chairs.

All judges will be asked to score each paper they receive on a scale from 1-20, with 20 as the high. The Head Judge will then tally the scores. The paper with the highest score will be awarded the prize.

day 3 pt 1 (6)

Winner of the Faculty/ Independent Scholar Award 2015- Heather Urbanski

day 3 pt 3 (1)

Winner of the Student paper prize 2015 – Lisa Han.


Winner of the Faculty/Independent Scholar Award, 2014

Stan Hunter-Kranc

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